i wish…

sometimes i feel lonely when i realize that now i’m alone n no girl beside me. i broke up 4 month ago and havent find someone else to replace her. love is complicated, isnt it? its something that peoples looking for each day in their life, n i do either. someday i like to settle down somewhere with a woman i love, n having child. it looks still far for me, but i wish to have a happy family. i think it will be more complicated but i will try…


it’s about three five hours ago when i woke up with some pain on my head. yeah… football/soccer is my favorite sport, i stayed up untill 4 AM to watch Euro Footbal Championship 2008 because my default time is GMT+7 and this Euro 2008 held in Austria and Switzerland, another parts of Europe. last night was the opening ceremony, then continued with the first match between Switzerland vs Chezch Republic. not so great game, Chezch beat Switzerland 1 – 0. Sverkos made that goal, not bad for a substitute  young player.

you must be grateful if  you live in some part of europe and you love football, you need not stay up till late like me. i drank two cup of coffee to make me still be awake, with some potato stick to eat when i got hungry 🙂 now i got a sleepy face and headache at the first day of Euro 2008, and it will be like that till it’s finished, it’s about four week. hmm… just imagine how do i look. i will be grateful when that tournament is over, i am really addicted to football, it can’t be missed….

maybe my boss will ask me when he see me sleepy at work, he dont like it but i think he can understand it… “sorry boss, just for 4 weeks! then it will be normal again..” when i got sweat at work, it will less sleepy. pray for me guys, in order that my boss don’t angry with me B-) i dont wanna get fired…

last night the second match is Portugal vs Turkey, and these portuguees played so well and better. They win that game, 2 – 0 for the final result. Pepe made some surprises, this defender had a wonderful play, he made the first goal. but Christiano Ronaldo is still the best, made great moves and individual skills. everybody love him!

tonight two match will be held, Austria vs Crotia is the first, then Germany vs Poland. i will support Austria and Germany, they speak the same language 🙂 i learn some german conversational, but not so well… “das ist Schwer!”. there is a reason why i learn german, i wont talk about it right now. maybe i will post some about it next time, but let me tell you this little secret… i used to love an austrian girl, but she has left me…  ich bin froh, dich zu lieben!                   switzerland's supporter

-i took some pictures of those matches from TV, not a professional but original….

i’m a peeping tom! haha… i mean i’m still not really involved to any blog or forum. only lenka and shwee’s blog that i join to leave comment. for the other blog, i just visit it n read some interesting content then browse the pictures that support it. as a new blogger, here is some question appear on my brain, ‘do they say the true on blog?’ but i also found some blog i believe it’s real cos they post pictures that related to it.
are u real?

hmm… i should learn more about blogging.
yeah… i’m a newbie, never been involved to any blog. my first comment is today on lenkabliss.wordpress.com
Lenka is a nice slovakian girl, her blog inspire me, i’m influenced.
sadly, i dont have PC or notebook to fix my blog, just using my mobile phone right now, so it doesnt work properly, some tools cant be used, also cant write long text by this.
– ssstt…this is my 1st real posting! HIT ME 😉

mobile blogging…

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